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Finals of Pro Kabaddi League season 6, held on Jan 5, saw the Bengaluru Bulls play against Gujarat Fortune Giants.

Pawan Kumar’s raiding masterclass handed Bengaluru Bulls a 38-33 win over Gujarat, in the Final at the Dome NSCI SVP Stadium in Mumbai. This was Bengaluru Bulls first PKL title where Pawan top scored in the game with 22 raid points who was eventually declared as the Most Valuable Player of the tournament.

Gujarat headed into the break with a 7-point lead

Sachin started the proceedings of the game with an unsuccessful raid as Mahender Singh tackled him. Prapanjan picked up the first point for Gujarat with a successful raid. In the initial 10 minutes both the teams, exchanged points between them and the lead kept on swinging like a pendulum. Pawan and Prapanjan did the bulk of raiding for their respective teams. Sachin Vittala’s block on Pawan followed up by Sachin’s successful raid in the do-or-die raid reduced the Bulls to three men on the mat. Gujarat reduced the Bulls to a solitary man on the mat after Sunil’s ankle hold on Rohit followed up by Prapanjan’s successful raid. However, Kashiling picked up a two-point raid and saved his team from being all-out. In the 18th minute, Gujarat inflicted an all-out on Bulls with Prapanjan’s two-point raid to take a 15-9 lead. Post-all-out Gujarat scored the last point of the half with Hadi’s ankle hold on Rohit Kumar as they headed into the break with a 16-9 lead.

Pawan’s raiding masterclass crowns Bulls VIVO PKL Champions

As the second half started Rutraj’s tackle on Pawan increased Gujarat’s lead to eight points. Bulls added three straight points to their tally to forge a comeback before Gujarat added two more points and increased their lead back to seven points. However, Pawan’s seven raid points in six raids reduced Gujarat to a single player on the mat. In the 30th minute, Bulls inflicted an all-out on Gujarat with Pawan’s two-point raid to take a 23-22 lead. Both the teams traded points between and kept the score ticking before Gujarat picked up a two-point lead through Rohit Gulia’s super raid. However, Rohit’s successful raid followed up by Pawan’s two successive raids reduced Gujarat to three men on the court. Sumit’s ankle hold on Gulia in the penultimate raid reduced Gujarat to two players on the mat. In the 39th minute, Bulls inflicted an all-out on Gujarat with Pawan’s two-point raid to take a 36-29 lead. Post-all-out Gujarat added two quick points through Sachin and Sunil’s tackle on Rohit, but Pawan’s two successful raids ended the contest in favor of Bengaluru Bulls. As the clock expired during Gulia’s raid which gave Bengaluru Bulls their maiden VIVO PKL Title.

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