Pro Kabaddi League – Season 6 – MATCH-110-TELUGU TITANS VS PATNA PIRATES

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Match 110 of Pro Kabaddi League season 6, held on Dec 13, saw the Patna Pirates play against Telugu Titans.

An all-around effort helped Titans to end their home leg with a 41-36 win over Patna Pirates at Rajiv Gandhi Indoor Stadium in Vizag. Rahul Chaudhari and Pardeep Narwal picked up a super 10 for their respective teams.

Titans battle out in first half

Rahul Chaudhari started the proceedings of the game with a successful raid. Titans raced to an early 6-0 lead after Salunke’s brilliant four-point raid. Patna picked up their first point of the game through Vijay’s two-point raid. In the next minute, Rahul became the second player in PKL to reach 800 raid points after a touch on Vijay. In the fifth minute, Titans inflicted an all-out on Patna with Pardeep’s unsuccessful raid to take an 11-5 lead. Rahul and Titans defenders reduced Patna to three men on the court. In the next minute, Patna picked up their first, tackle point through Jaideep’s super tackle on Rahul. However, after that in the 15th minute Titans inflicted another all-out on Patna with Nilesh thigh hold on Pardeep to take a 23-12 lead. After returning to the mat both, the sides added three points to their tally. Titans ended the half with Mohsen’ thigh hold on Pardeep and entered the break with a 26-15 lead.

Titans end their home leg with a win

As the second half started Titans picked up the first two points of the half. Pardeep’s two successive raid points followed up by Jaideep’s ankle hold on Nilesh reduced Titans to two players on the mat. In the 26th minute, Patna inflicted an all-out on Titans with Pardeep’s two-point raid and reduced the deficit to six points. Rahul and Pardeep completed their respective super 10’s simultaneous with a touch point. Titan’s increased their lead to 38-29 on back of their strong defence with four minutes left in the game. However, Patna forged a comeback with Manish and Vikas successive super tackles on Rahul and brought down the deficit to six points. In the last minute, Vijay Kumar picked up a two-point raid and reduced the deficit to just four points. Pardeep came in for the final raid but was tackle by Vishal Bhardwaj in the end and Titans won the game by 41-36.


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