Pro Kabaddi League – Season 6 – MATCH-92-U MUMBA VS GUJARAT FORTUNE GIANTS


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Match 92 of Pro Kabaddi League season 6, held on Dec 2, saw the U Mumba play against Gujarat Fortune Giants.

A strong defensive performance gave U Mumba their first win over Gujarat by 36-26 at the Thyagaraj Sports Complex in Delhi. Dharmaraj and Rohit led the U Mumba defence with six points each ably supported by Siddharth with six raid points.

U Mumba took a slender lead at the break

Prapanjan and Siddharth started the proceedings of the game with a successful raid and the former completed his 200 raid points in PKL with that point. Sachin’s two-point raid gave Gujarat an early 3-1 lead, however, U Mumba took a 6-3 lead on the back of Rohit’s two-point raid and Siddharth’s successful raid. In the fourth minute, U Mumba inflicted an all-out on Gujarat with Dharmaraj block on Lee and took a 9-4 lead. Both the sides from then on exchanged the points between them and Gujarat managed to reduce the deficit to one point with Vinod’s unsuccessful raid. The half ended with Siddharth and Sachin’s unsuccessful raid. U Mumba’s defence helped them to go into the break with a 17-14 lead.

U Mumba secures their first win over Gujarat in PKL

As the second half started both the sides started to play only during the do-or-die raids. The first raid point of the half came through Sachin in the 25th minute and reduced the deficit to two points. Siddharth’s two straight raids followed up by a successful tackle on Sachin reduced Gujarat to two players on the mat. In the 30th minute, U Mumba inflicted another all-out on Gujarat with Siddharth’s touch on Sunil and took a 27-17 lead. Gujarat brought down the deficit to seven points on courtesy of Prapanjan two-point raid and with a tackle on Siddharth. In the 37th minute, Gujarat reduced U Mumba to two players on the court and reduced the deficit to six points. However, Dharmaraj super tackle on Sachin helped U Mumba to take a 33-24 lead and completed his High 5 in the process. In the next minute Rana to completed his first High 5 of this season with an ankle hold on Prapanjan. The game ended with Sachin’s two-point raid and U Mumba secured their first win over Gujarat in PKL.

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