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Match 39 of Pro Kabaddi League season 6, held on Oct 30, saw the Puneri Paltan play against Gujarat Fortune Giants.

Gujarat completed their third win on a trot against Puneri Paltan by 37-27 at the Patliputra Indoor Stadium in Patna. Gujarat overcame Paltan on courtesy of some good raiding skills by Sachin and Rajput, which proved to be the difference between both the sides.

Gujarat entered the break with a 4-point lead

Ajay Kumar and Nitin Tomar started the proceedings of the game with an empty raid. Paltan raced to an early 4-2 lead with the help of Tomar’s two-point raid. Gujarat leveled the scores at 5 points each in the sixth minute. However, Paltan fought back by sending Ajay and Rajput to the bench with successive tackles and took a two-point lead over them. Sachin’s two-point raid in the 10th minute helped Gujarat to take a 1-point lead. In the 14th minute, Gujarat inflicted an all-out on Paltan with Parvesh unsuccessful raid with the scoreline reading 15-9 in favor of Gujarat. Paltan after reassembling to the mat sent Ajay and Rajput to the bench of successive raids and reduced the deficit to four points. Finally, Gujarat entered the break with a 16-12 lead.

Gujarat secures a win on courtesy of Sachin’s super 10

As the second half started, Parvesh started the proceedings of the half with an unsuccessful raid. Gujarat increased their lead to seven points with Prapanjan two-point raid. Paltan picked up the first super tackle of the game after they sent Rajput to the bench and forged a comeback. Both the sides from then on played on their defensive strength. Another super tackle by Ravi on Sachin helped Paltan to reduce the deficit to four points in the 32nd minute. Paltan reduced the deficit to just two points in the 34th minute with a successful raid by Tomar, followed up by a tackle on Prapanjan. Rajput’s stunning super raid in the 37th minute gave Gujarat a 5-point lead. In the 38th minute, Paltan reduced the deficit to four points with a superb tackle on Gulia. Gujarat fought back with a successful tackle on Monu and Akshay in their raids and reduced them to two men on the court. Gujarat inflicted an all-out on Paltan with Sachin’s two-point raid and completed his super 10 in the process. Gujarat won the game by a 10-point margin over Paltan.

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