The most iconic Grand Slam is here: A look at the favorites for Wimbledon 2018

wimbledon 2018

With most eyes on the FIFA world cup happening in Russia, many people would’ve missed the fact that another top level tournament is going to begin on Monday, the 2nd of July. It is England’s very own grand slam, Wimbledon. Legends of tennis will battle it out on these grass courts for the next two weeks in pursuit of one goal, glory. Over the history of its existence, Wimbledon has seen some of the greatest matches and moments of international tennis, be it the epic clash between Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe, or someone like Roger Federer winning a record 8 titles, or the 17 year old Maria Sharapova winning her first title. As it is somewhat unfortunately placed between the knockout stages of the FIFA world cup, Wimbledon 2018 may be sidelined, but it is bound to be an extremely entertaining and gripping tournament. Here are some potential matchups and players to look out for.

The royal Swiss

The person topping our list has to be Roger Federer, who is undeniably the king of this tournament. Last year, at 36, he defied the laws of physics and ageing and left all his critics dumbfounded as he clinched his 8th Wimbledon title, the most for any player in tennis history. This year he is looking to do the same, but there is no denying that he is getting older and his body may not be able to support him as it once did. But we can be sure that we will see some top quality shots and rallies as long as he is on the center court of Wimbledon 2018.


The surging Spaniard

Next in line is Federer’s top competitor for the greatest player tag, the clay champion, Rafael Nadal. Nadal is just coming back from absolutely dominating the French Open, and he will be hoping to continue that same trajectory here in England as well. However, that was clay and this is grass, where his record isn’t that great, having only won two times and not making it out of the group stages the last couple of times. But statistics have never stopped him from giving it his all in all tournaments, and we sure hope that he plays his best this time too at the Wimbledon 2018.


The star from home

As always, there aren’t many Indians at the tournament, and the only experienced player this time is Rohan Bopanna, playing in men’s doubles with Edouard Roger of France.

At 38 years, however, even he is racing against time in what could be his last major tournament. India’s best player, Sania Mirza isn’t playing this time around because she is pregnant with her first child with cricketer Shoaib Malik.

We do hope that Bopanna has it in him to go out with a bang and create some memories for Indian tennis.

Comeback queen

Serena Williams, one of the best players, shocked many when she suddenly backed out of her match with Maria Sharapova in the group stages of last month’s French Open. But she has recuperated now, and is back in London to try and win a record 8th title. Her path is surely not going to be easy if worthy opponents like long time rival Sharapova or Simona Halep, champion of the French Open, lock horns with her in the tournament.

With so many top level players and potential clashes between them, Wimbledon 2018 will be one of the most exciting and hard fought grand slams of the year, and even though there are favorites and likely winners, the odds really are in anyone’s favour. May the most resilient and persistent player win.

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