Top goals of 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia: Epic strikes that’ll take your breath away

top goals of 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

The group stage of the FIFA World Cup is at its final level, with just one match to go for every team. More than 10 teams have already been knocked out and the group of 32 has now reduced to a group of 21. In this process, some teams have heavily disappointed, such as Argentina, whose hopes to qualify now hang by a thread, and Poland, who haven’t won a single match. Some underdog teams, however, like Croatia and Mexico have shown us the ridiculous amounts of talent and spirit they possess by defeating powerhouses such as Germany and Argentina with ease. The sleeping giants Germany and Brazil have finally woken up and joined the party with a win each, and other goliaths such as Belgium and England have decimated their oppositions, securing a 5-2 and 6-1 win respectively. In this tournament, in which no game has gone goalless up until now, there have been some blinding goals and some extraordinary saves. Let’s have a look at some of the top goals of 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia so far.


5 Top goals in 2018 FIFA World Cup

Cristiano Ronaldo’s free kick against Spain

No list of best goals is complete without this beast of a player, who is currently in strong contention for the Golden Boot with four goals to his name. The most memorable and stunning one of them, however, has to be the free kick that denied the Spanish a win. The score was 3-2 in Spain’s favor, and time was running out when Ronaldo was fouled just outside the penalty area. A stroke of luck for sure, but to actually convert this into a goal, he would have to kick the ball past a wall of Spanish players and past their ace goalkeeper David De Gea.

He had just the right trick for this, though, and he kicked an amazing curve-ball that swung outwards, dodging the wall and then back in, finding the top right corner of the goal, and equalizing the score 3-3.


Dries Mertens versus Tunisia

Belgium are one of the first teams to qualify for the knockout stage and they have done it in absolute style and domination, winning their games 3-0 and 5-2. Most of their goals have been masterpieces, courtesy of some seriously talented players such as Kevin De Bruyne, Eden Hazard and Romelu Lukaku, but the best goal of their campaign was scored by Dries Mertens in their first match against Panama.

Taken from well outside the penalty box, this volley shot past a host of defenders and into the top left corner of the goal. It looked real easy, but volleys like these have to be timed perfectly, so what the world witnessed was nothing short of a masterclass.

Luka Modric versus Argentina

Luka Modric and his team – Croatia, are having a great World Cup. They’ve toppled both their oppositions in a comprehensive manner, the most recent being them beating last time’s runner ups Argentina 3-0. Modric did score a goal in that match, and once again, it was an extremely classy one from the Real Madrid midfielder.

He got the ball a few yards away from the beginning of the penalty box, skillfully fooled two Argentine defenders and struck the ball with such force that the goalkeeper wasn’t able to do anything about it.


Jesse Lingard versus Panama

Panama’s stroke of bad luck continued when they clashed with the resurgent lions England yesterday. Already having lost to the Belgian red devils 3-0, the first time qualifiers were quite demoralized and lost by an even greater margin to England, by 6-1. While Harry Kane picked up an amazing hat-trick, it was Jesse Lingard who netted the most impressive goal of the match.

Once again, he received the ball outside the penalty box and shot it directly above the defenders head to send the ball flying towards the top right corner of the goal. The goalkeeper took off and made a brilliant attempt, but in vain.


Toni Kroos’ free kick versus Sweden

Perhaps the most important goal in German football history after the shot by Mario Gotze that won them the World Cup in 2014, it was also memorable for its sheer brilliance. After losing their first game, the defending champions were written off and were said to be suffering the champions’ curse, which dictates that no defending champion can ever win twice. But Joachim Low’s team are more resilient than most people think, and they were ready to fight Sweden till the last minute.

And only at the last minute did they earn a free kick, albeit from a very awkward position almost 180 degrees to the goal. So they called upon their best midfielder, Toni Kroos to take the challenge, and he obliged gladly. Again, he kicked an amazing curve-ball that turned almost ninety degrees to find itself in the top right corner of the goal. And it had to get past a dozen defenders to get there.


Now in its adolescent stage, the World Cup is sure to produce some even better performances and we hope that those performances keep coming from new people every time. Sit back and enjoy an intense but entertaining run up to the knockout stages.



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