From healing bullet wounds to bringing a nation together, Hockey movies that celebrate the sport like no other

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2018 is certainly a great year for Indian hockey, with three hockey movies set to release honoring players, coaches and teams. Harjeeta, a Punjabi biopic on the midfielder Harjeet Singh, has already come out in May, whereas Soorma, a biopic remembering the greatest comeback in Indian history, that of Sandeep Singh after paralysis is set to come out in July. The third one is Gold, a movie that commemorates the first time India won the gold medal at the Olympics as an independent country in 1948. With such inspirational hockey movies coming our way, let’s take a look at each of the heroes whose stories are being told.

Comeback man Sandeep Singh

hockey movies - Sandeep Singh

Sandeep Singh

Sandeep Singh only started to play hockey because he also wanted the clothes and shoes his brother got because he played hockey. After some persuasion, he too became a regular on the hockey fields of Kurukshetra, his home town in Haryana. His rise to fame after he dedicated himself to a sport was rapid, and he became the first hockey player in the world to represent his country at the age of 17, and that too at the 2004 Olympics. Soon after his arrival at the world stage, he was becoming synonymous with goal scoring and his trajectory seemed unstoppable, when disaster struck in 2006 .




Sandeep Singh – A phoenix rising from the ashes

It was a fine morning, and Sandeep was getting ready to go to Delhi to depart with his team to Germany where they would play the World Cup. But the universe had other plans for him. As soon as he got onto the train, he heard a loud bang and felt like an iron rod was being inserted in his back. A misfired bullet found its way into his spine and left his entire lower body paralyzed.

After weeks of intensive operation, the doctors declared that he would never be able to play hockey or walk again. But Singh was undaunted by these warnings and promptly told the doctors to do away with their negativity. With his brother’s help and support, he tried to stand and walk a little everyday and fortunately his legs responded in a positive manner. Soon, he was sent to a rehabilitation center abroad, and when he returned, he could walk and run again. Once he had conquered his injury, it didn’t take him much time to break into the Indian team again and become the top goal scorer. Today, he is the best drag-flicker in the world, earning the nickname of Flicker Singh.

The Diljit Dosanjh and Taapse Pannu starrer is sure to strike an inspirational chord amongst the heart of all hockey lovers and lovers of the undying human spirit.

Watch the trailer here:


Harjeet Singh - Hockey movies

Harjeet Singh

This biopic is dedicated to India’s junior world cup winning captain Harjeet Singh, a young 22 year old from the small village of Kurali in Punjab. Harjeet, a skinny young man, had an incessant itch to win the world cup for his country, which is what fueled his rise to the Indian junior team. While extremely talented, this journey wasn’t especially easy for him, as his father was only a truck driver and his family were barely making ends meet. But what they lacked financially, they more than made up for in spirit, and never stopped young Harjeet. His hard work and passion bore fruit when on December 18, 2016 he led his team to a nail biting victory in the Junior World Cup. After that, he has made his way into the senior team and now holds a midfielding position in the team.



Watch the trailer here:



Unlike the other two hockey movies, Gold isn’t a biopic of a single player or coach. Instead, it is the story of hockey, patriotism and Independence. It explores what it means to be patriotic in a pre-Independence era, when Indians were merely pawns of the British Empire. Although fictional, it narrates a story of a Bengali hockey player, played by Akshay Kumar, who wants to win a Gold medal at the Olympics for Independent India, not British India. Set to release on Independence day, this movie is sure to give us a nuanced understanding of patriotism and how it has changed post independence.

Watch the trailer here:


Although it may not be as popular as Cricket or Football, Hockey will always remain a crucial sport for India, seeing as how its history is etched together with our nation’s history and how it has produced some extremely inspirational stories and hockey movies over the years.

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