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  • November 28, 2017
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Vidya Narasimhan| Refex Avengers

Started playing the game after watching her mother play it. Her mother plays for the P and D department of the state Government.

“I love to play the forehand down the middle, you wouldn’t see most girls preferring this shot, but I love it because its an instant decider.”

When asked about what the government can do to promote the sport, she replied that the government has in fact upped the ante as far the prizes being given out at various tournaments go.
She has been to a national camp that has been mentored by the coaches of the Indian National team. When asked about the differences in training given by the national coaches and the coaches in the private academy, she says, “The exposure from a national camp is much better than that of a city academy, but the individual attention is better in an academy as there are 40 people in a national camp and its not really feasible for a coach to spend his/her time on each individual student.”

Vidya wanted more events to conducted like the one being conducted by Indus sports, because this is the only way to bring more audience to the game. A few of the curious mall-goers would go home and watch a couple of videos.

Nitin Thiruvengadam | Jeppiaar Smashers

“I consider myself to be an offensive player, I love playing the forehand and the flick.”

“I have been playing since I was a kid.”

I loved the game since it was in my family, my grand dad was a national player, so was my dad and my brother  has represented India in the world championships. You could say that I was born into it”, he said with a grin on his face.
When asked if the government was doing enough for the game, he says that both the state and the central have started to respect the players and give them more monetary incentives, with the top tier players getting 25L PA.
When asked about how long he practices, he replied that he only gets to do 6 hours of practice with an hour of physcial conditioning. The commitment to reach the top is very strong in this young man.
He is of the opinion that more games should be conducted such as TTSL TN, but also have a referee explain the rules over the PA system to the casual observer so that they might understand and enjoy the game even more.

Ashmith Rajkumar | Hindustan King Pongs

“This sport is my passsion, when my friends want to play cricket, I tell them to play this game.”

Ashmith is the young 6th standard student who won the hearts of everyone who saw the finals on the 26th. A student of DAV Mogappair who started the sport as something he picked up as part of summer coaching, he now lives for the game. He wants to represent the nation in the world championships one day and knows that he will reach there one day. “He can miss school but in two years he is yet to miss a single day of table tennis practice.” A visibly proud father tells me.

When asked about what he likes about table tennis, Ashmith told me that he loves the way the game helps him concentrate and how much he likes to learn new shots. He told me that he watches YouTube videos of matches to learn what the wrist stroke is, what the foot work is and how he can better his own game.
This young champion is a powerhouse to keep track of, for sure.

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