TTSL TN-Day 2-Time Links Mobie Chargers vs Billroth Blasters

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  • November 28, 2017
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Time Links Mobie Chargers vs Billroth Blasters

It was a close call for Time Links Mobie Chargers as they snatched a win from Billroth Blasters with a 5-4 score, at Day 2 of the Group stage matches at the Table Tennis Super League, Tamil Nadu event.

Veterans Singles

J Jaikumar from Mobie Chargers faced B Saravanan from Billroth Blasters, Jaikumar owned the court in the first set, taking it 11-2. The second set and third set had Saravanan fighting back by a series of forced errors and powerful smashes from Jaikumar saw him winning those as well, ending it with 11-8, 11-7.

Men’s Singles

R Santhosh Kumar of Mobie Chargers wanted to smash the ball every conceivable moment against his opponent M Subash from Billroth Blasters, This strategy of using brute force worked for him the first set, winning it 11-9. Subash won the second 11-9, while they took the third set to an 11 all showdown and the speed of Santhosh won the set 13-11. However, this speed soon became his Achilles heel, which without a control soon saw him bleed points, for the next two sets which Subash won 13-11 and 11-3 and with it, the match.

Women’s Single

Krithicka S of Mobie Chargers was frazzled for the first couple of sets as she kept making rookie mistakes in her match against the National Champ and a player with the Ultimate Table Tennis team RP – SG MAVERICKS, as she lost them 7-11, 8-11. She fought a hard-won victory in the third set 11-9 only to lose the fourth set 3-11 and with it the match.

Mixed Doubles, Juniors

Piyush Sagar G channeled his inner Ma Long, the world number one, as he sliced the ball and spun it with N Deepika providing him support against the aggression from S Abhinash Prassanaji and C Swetha Steffi, as they won the match in three straights sets of 11-4, 11-9, 11-7.

Cadet Singles

K Sanjay Mahadevan of Mobi Chargers showed grit and tenacity in his match against R Tharun of Billroth Blasters, Sanjay blocked all the shots from Tharun, sending them back with reduced speed and lesser spin, Tharun sent it back with more speed and spin and Sanjay stopped that dead in its tracks, winning the match in three straight sets of 11-4, 11-4, 11-9.

Mixed Doubles, Seniors

R Santhosh Kumar and Krithicka S of Mobi Chargers had a difficult outing, mostly because of the speed of Santhosh Kumar which either heaped points on him or had him lose points faster than he could win them, against a strong, well gelled team of M Subash and Amrutha Pushpak, A see-saw battle that saw each side winning one set until the decider set had Santhosh smashing the wall every time it came to him, winning the match with the score 11-9, 5-11, 11-6, 5-11, 11-3.

Girls singles

N Deepika from time Link Mobie Chargers faced C Swetha Steffi from Billroth Blasters in a hard-fought, mentally taxing, physically demanding match, that had either of the two players dig in deep to find that last ounce of energy to beat her opponent, It was an even match all around, with a small chance turning into a victory in the blink of an eye. The match was won by Swetha after Deepika gave her a good run for her money. The score – 12-10, 9-11, 15-13, 12-10.

Men’s Doubles

J Jaikumar and R Santhosh Kumar from Mobie Chargers teamed up together against B Saravanan and M Subash of Billroth Blasters, The team from Billroth won the first set 11-7. Santhosh and Jaikumar won the next two sets in a convincing manner of 11-4 and 11-6. The fourth set saw both the team fighting for survival, as they brought out their A game and tried to best the other, Billroth blasters saw an opening and took it winning the set 14-12. The final set was taxing on all four players especially Santhosh who pulled off some ridiculous saves and smashes that won his team the points that they needed, however, the same spunk lost him points and the set 15-13 and with it, the match.

Men’s Singles, Junior

G Piyush Sagar, the master of the spin this tournament, played against S Abhinash Prassanahji of Billroth Blasters and schooled him on the better aspects of what works when you apply a spin on your ball that turns a smash from your opponent a drive into the net.

The match was won by Mobi Chargers with the score of 11-8, 12-10 and 11-4.

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