TTSL TN – Day 2 – Refex Avengers vs Hindustan King Pongs

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  • November 28, 2017
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TTSL TN - Day 2 - Refex Avengers vs Hindustan King Pongs

Hindustan King Pongs’ victorious march continued as they beat Refex Avengers 5-4, and went on to top the Group A table with a 170 points. Refex Avengers ended their Group stage with 120 points.

Veterans Singles 

R. Rajesh of Hindustan King Pongs went up against AS Kannabiran of Refex Avengers, winning the match in three straight sets, Rajesh is a seasoned veteran who knows when to power up and when to play the smaller shots, a proper bona fide ace. 11-4, 11-3, 11-7.

Mens Singles

Anandaraj of Hindustan King Pongs went up against Abhishek Ravichandran of Refex Avengers. Abhishek being the only defensive player in the tournament gave Anandaraj a run for his money as all the volleys from the offensive player were stopped and returned back to him, Abhishek had led in two of the three sets, but, the power of Anandaraj was too much for the player from Refex Avengers and he went down fighting in three long sets that tested both the players and gave the fans a lot to cheer about, the final score card – 12-10, 12-10, 12-10.

Women’s Singles

Swetha Kumaravel of Hindustan King Pongs went up against Vidhya Narashimhan of Refex Avengers, fought a titanic five set match that raised the voices of all the fans watching the match, Swetha took the first set 11-9, while Vidya took the next two sets, 11-8, 11-6, only to drop the fourth set 7-11. The final, fifth set, was a back and forth battle that saw vidya close down a 7-3 deficit only to bring it at 12all and force the issue and win the set 14-12 and the match.

Mixed Doubles, Juniors

M Yazhini with Arjun K Raju from Hindustan King Pongs went up against S Karthikeyan and the national Champion Boomika Sethuraman from Refex Avengers. An intense battle in the second saw everyone attention being directed to this table, as neither of the teams wanted to give up, both could taste the blood in the water and both forced the issue, but Arjun and Yazhini won the set 19-17 but lost the the next two sets 8-11,6-11 and the match as they had lost the first set as well 6-11.

Cadet singles

Ashmith R Rajkumar won the first set against MR Balamurugan from Refex avengers, 11-6. Balamurugan managed to draw Ashmith into a game of tip – tap and when his guard was down, slammed the ball into the paddle of Ashmith who used sent the ball into either the net or to the face of the referee, due to the high spin on the ball winning the next two sets 11-6, 11-9. Balamurugan shut down his opponent from Hindustan King Pongs. 11-0.

Mixed Doubles

Abhishek Ravichandar And Viydaa Narasimhan took on the team of R Anandaraj and Swetha Kumaravel from Hindustan King Pongs.
Abhisheks’ defensive stance when coupled with the attacking stance of Vidya won them the first set 11-6, however this special talent was the cause of their ruination as Anandaraj and Swetha played it against them not before Abhishek tried to rescue the team in the second team only going down 10-12, the next two sets were a different story as Hindustan won 11-8, 11-7.

Junior Girls Singles

M Yazhini from Hindustan King Pongs took on Bookima Sethuraman from Refex Avengers. No one really had the upper hand in this match between two talented paddlers, both of them closed their defects while trying to force their opponent to make the mistakes, the set going to the one who held their own when the tiles were down. M Yazhini won the match for her team with a score of 11-9 , 8-11, 11-13, 15-13, 11-7.

Men’s Doubles

R Rajesh teamed up with R Anandaraj of Hindustan King Pongs against Abhishek Ravichandran and AS Kannabiran, however the power of Anandaraj coupled with the power and expertise contributed by Rajesh won them the game in three straight sets, 11-6, 11-3, 12-10.

Men’s Singles

Arjun K Raju from Hindustan King Pongs went up against S Kartihkeyan. It was a show of who has thet more power, the sets going either way, to etiher Arun Or Karthikeyan. The first set was won by Karthikeyan with a score of 14-12, the second by Arjun 11-7, the third set was a fight fest, with Arjun snatching victory in the last seconds of the set, Karthikeyan rallied and won the next two sets and the match 11-5, 11-9.

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