TTSL TN – 2017 – Awards and Closing Ceremony

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  • November 28, 2017
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TTSL TN - 2017 - Awards and Closing Ceremony

The first edition of Table Tennis Super League – Tamil Nadu was won by the team from Hindustan stables, Hindustan King Pongs.
There were prizes offered to the Semi Finalists, the finalist and the winner.
The organizers thanked the corporate sponsors who picked up the teams and the players and for trusting them in this even before tried format in Chennai.

The awards

The two semi-finalists, Jeppiaar Smashers and Green Rockers received a cheque prize of Rupees Twenty five thousand. The finalist, Twin link Mobie Chargers, were awarded Rupees Fifty thousand.

TTSL TN - 2017 - Awards and Closing Ceremony

The winners, Hindustan King Pongs, were awarded a prize of Rupees One Lakh.

In addition to the team prizes there were individual prizes as well, Best Cadet boys category going to Ashmith Rajkumar from Hindustan King Pongs. Rajesh from Hindustan King Pongs won the best veteran player award. N Deepika from Mobie Chargers won the best Junior girls award.

Piyush Sagar from Mobie Chargers won the best best Juniors boys award. Swetha Kumaravel of Hindustan KingPongs won the best women player award. Nitin Thiruvengadam from Jeppiaar Smashers won the best Male player award.

Each of the best category award recipients received a cash prize of Rupees Five Thousand.

Overall best player Female was won by Reeth Rishya from Jeppiaar Smashers. Overall best player Male was won by Anandhraj from Hindustan King Pong.

Other Prizes

Hindustan university offer a full ride scholarship in engineering in any of its colleges to any student who played here today, should s/he wish to avail it. Mobie Chargers have taken up the responsibility of paying for the coaching and tuition of one of their own player’s, R Santhosh Kumar.

And, the outlet Naturals has offered everyone who played the Semi’s and the Finals a free complete grooming session.

With hopes that the next season for TTSL will larger and invite more teams and talents from across the state and the country, until next time.

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