UTT Semi Final: Falcons TTC destroy DHFL Maharashtra to storm into finals

UTT Semi Final 1: It was a day that belonged completely to the Falcons TTC as they sealed a place in the finals by defeating DHFL Maharashtra United by a mile and a half at the NSCI Stadium in Mumbai on Friday.

Wong Chun Ting vs Sanil Shetty

The tie started off with Wong Chun Ting facing off against the Falcon Sanil Shetty, in which Ting managed to give Maharashtra a great start by defeating Shetty 2-1. In the first game, Shetty was going at a fast pace having secured a lead of three points at 6-3, but all of a sudden Ting bounced back and went on to steal the game from Shetty’s hands 11-8. Shetty came back strongly in the second game and defeated Ting 11-5, but in the last game lost out heavily by 11-3.

Pooja Sahasrabudhe vs Wu Yang

Mah. United seemed to be getting into the groove of the game a little earlier than the Falcons, but the second match proved that this wasn’t the case at all. The terrific defensive player Wu Yang, currently World no. 13, stunned Pooja Sahasrabudhe by a decisive 3-0 win, giving Falcons TTC a handsome 4-2 lead.


Mixed Doubles

The new pairing of Fu Yu and Harmeet Desai worked wonders for Mah. United as they got the better of their counterparts Sanil Shetty and Lee Ho Ching 2-1. The first game and third game were in the favour of the United, and the Falcons just couldn’t gain enough points to match the class of Harmeet and Yu. Harmeet Desai is the second highest ranked Indian player after Sharath Kamal, and his graceful and aggressive play has been far better than that of his other country mates.

Check out the highlights of the game: https://www.ultimatetabletennis.in/videos/match-3-highlights-harmeet

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Pitchford on fire

However, ask anyone who the best performer of that night was and everyone will tell you in one unanimous chant; Liam Pitchford! The way that he has found form in the latter half of this tournament is completely unprecedented and legendary. His first match of the night was against none other than World rank no. 8 Ting, who was just coming from a definitive victory against Shetty. Pitchford caught Ting completely off guard in the first match with his powerful backhands which he used to dispel any aggressive shot by Ting. Unsettled by this sudden defeat, Ting hardly managed to scrape by a victory in the second match and finally succumbed in the third match where Pitchford won by a massive 11-4. The second person to come in the way of the Pitchford was India’s own shining star, Harmeet Desai. But even this promising star looked lackluster against the Pitch-fork and he too, got skewered by a massive 3-0 defeat.

Check out the highlights of the epic Liam vs. Ting match here: https://www.ultimatetabletennis.in/videos/match-4-highlights-liam-pitchford-vs-wong-chun-ting

Suthirtha Mukherjee slays Liu Jia

At this point in the tie, the Falcons were leading 13-5, and the team to reach the score of 14 first would go on to the finals. Just one victory away from the finals, the Falcons sent young Suthirtha Mukherjee to face off against Austrian Maestro Liu Jia. it was evident that the United’s spirit was broken as Mukherjee managed to defeat Liu in the first match and facilitated her team to enter the finals.

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Semi Final 2, which will see the Shaze Challengers go against the Dabang Smashers begins tonight at 7.30 PM.

Behind The Scenes

Falcons take a much deserved winning selfie post UTT Semi Final:

Dancing their ways to the final!:

Victory huddle:

Celebrations all around:

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