Promising shuttle talent at the Kids Invitational Badminton Tournament

Kids Invitational Badminton Tournament

For a generation that is reproached for their addiction to the idiot box and smartphones, their interest and prowess in sports is indeed alive and kicking! The Kids Invitational Badminton Tournament, held on 21st January 2017 at the Surya Mayaa Sports Academy, Bangalore, saw a great turnout, proving that the interest for conventional sports is still thriving among children.

Tournament details

Organized by Coach Direct and Passion League, the tournament witnessed avid participation from the children in 8 events – Boys under 9, Boys under 11, Boys under 13, and Boys under 15; and Girls under 9, Girls under 11, Girls under 13, and Girls under 15.


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AgilizTech’s Stepout2Play team visited the venue to assist Passion League with our new Stepout2Play sports management solution. The app captured the events details, along with the participant names and their match status.

Game on!

The Kids Invitational Badminton tournament was in the knock-out format. The rules were simple:

  • 1 game of 21 points for U9, U11.
  • 1 game of 30 points for U13 and U15.

Under 9

Ashish Raju won the boys under 9 event. Ashish faced-off Aditya in the semi-finals and beat Pradyot R in the finals. He won the match 0-2. Diya SS won the girls under 9 event, in a stiff battle with Krithika Arun, with a score of 2-1. Previously, Diya defeated Tanusha in the semi-finals, setting up the clash against Krithika.

Under 11

Navneet Nayak gave a tough fight, but lost to Pranav Krishnamurthi, who swept up the boys under 11 title, winning the finals with a 2-0 score. Lineisha Mayaa G.V. won the girls under 11 event against Nethra Manoj. She defeated Nethra 2-0.

Under 13

Akil Saravanan clinched the boys under 13 event, beating Rajeev John Ninan, who gave a spirited performance. Soujanya S Pillai was the winner of the girls under 13 event. She beat Shreya Srikanth 2-0 in the finals. Earlier she had defeated Rishika Sree Reddy in the semi-finals, setting up the finals showdown against Shreya.

 Under 15

Zeeshan Haque won the boys under 9 event, defeating Abhay Yelsangiker with a 2-0 score. Zeeshan previosuly beat Abhishek Ka in the semi-finals.

It was a tough match, but it was Iha Keshav Shetty who walked away with the top honours. Shetty won the girls under 15 event, vanquishing Dharunya S Pillai, 2-1.

It was a delight to watch the youngsters play the game earnestly. We hope that the children sustain the momentum and consider taking the sport forward in their lives. We would definitely love to see them again in other tournaments.

Prize Ceremony

Our heartiest congratulations to all the winners of the Kids Invitational Badminton Tournament. We wish them continued success in the sport.

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Boys Under 9 Ashish Raju
Under 11 Pranav Krishnamurthi
Under 13 Akil Saravanan
Under 15 Zeeshan Haque
Girls Under 9 Diya SS
Under 11 Lineisha Mayaa G.V.
Under 13 Soujanya S Pillai
Under 15 Iha Keshav Shetty

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