Table Tennis -A Financially Promising Future??

You must all be aware about how cricketers mint a lot of money. At the same time there are many newspaper articles and posts which narrate stories of athletes in other sports being mistreated and leading a life of utter poverty. After reading all that why will some parent want his kid to play any other game on a professional front???

(Sometimes I think that there are too many negative stories which are responsible for the slow growth of sports. )

So here’s me presenting you the brighter side. Obviously I do not intend to compare Table Tennis with Cricket.

Monetary benefits in Table Tennis have grown in leaps and bounds over the past few years. The major reason for this is the involvement of public sector companies who recruit players. These are mainly oil companies,banks and other public firms. 

These institutes recruit players at a young age and provide them with the necessary financial backing required for table Tennis. this includes all the expenses for traveling,accommodation,entry fees  etc apart from the stipend they pay. The advantage of this is that a player starts earning right from a very young age of 13-14 as compared to other professions in which earnings start after 20-22. 

Once a player gets more and more results he gets noted and such institutes provide them with permanent jobs. The advantage is that the Players get concessions and are treated differently than regular employees. The biggest plus point is that the player gets to what he loves the most and at the same time is able to earn a decent livelihood. If he is able to further succeed then he gets sponsorship from various brands which add real value to his financial capacity.

Ofcourse you cannot call it a top paying profession but playing Table Tennis  is slowly and surely becoming a viable career option. 

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