Biker Rajini Krishnan reigns

rajiniThe second round of the MMSC-FMSCI Indian National Motorcycle Racing Championship concluded at the MMRT track on Sunday.

Racer Rajini Krishnan of Moto-Rev Yamaha Racing team won the top-end Group B (165cc) Open followed by Harry Sylvester of TVS Racing team and Sarath Kumar of Ten10 Racing team.

Jagan Kumar, the winner of first race, who was in the lead suffered a puncture at the end of the second lap. Rajini took hold of the opportunity to win the race. Jagan completed the remaining of the six-lap race despite the punctured tyre.

International rider Sarath Kumar finished second in Honda One-Make Championship – CBR 250 Open.

In Group D(165cc) Novice Vishwadev Muraleedharan of Sparks Racing achieved a memorable double. Muraleedharan also dominated the Suzuki Gixxer Cup (Novice) category where he won both races this weekend.

Provisional results:

Group B (165cc) Open (6 laps): Rajni Krishnan (MotoRev Yamaha Racing) 1 (11mins 53.132secs); Harry Sylvester (TVS Racing) 2 (11:56.599); Sarath Kumar (Ten10 Racing) 3 (12:04.685).

Group C (165cc) Open (6 laps): Ananth Raj (Kingdom Racing) 1 (12:52.761); Mathana Kumar (Ten10 Racing) 2 (12:54.206); Harikrishnan (Ten10 Racing) 3 (12: 54.925).

Group D (165cc) Novice (6 laps): Vishwadev Muraleedharan (Sparks Racing) 1 (13:29.846); Amarnath Menon (Apex Racing Academy) 2 (13:33.463); Shankar Guru 3 (13:34.610).

Honda One-Make Championship – CBR 250 Open (6 laps): Sumit Lucas Toppo (Pro Lap Racing) 1 (12:28.972); Sarath Kumar (Ten10 Racing) 2 (12:46.138); Harikrishnan R. (Ten10 Racing) 3 (12:50.970). CBR 150 Novice (6 laps – Short Loop): Sivanesan S. 1 (07:45.124); Mahesh Murali 2 (07:45.334); Aravind B. 3 (07:45.872).

Suzuki Gixxer Cup – Open (2 laps): Ananth Raj 1 (04:35.370); Arvind Ganesh 2 (04:35.387); Abhishek Vasudev 3 (04:36.909). Note: Race stopped at 50 percent distance – Only half points awarded. Novice (6 laps, Short Loop): Vishwadev Muraleedharan 1 (7: 45.498); Malsawmdawngliana 2 (7:46.583); Amarnath Menon 3 (7: 47.195).

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