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  • June 12, 2015
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In the world of running, we train ourselves to go faster or farther, we do the same thing when we challenge ourselves to go deeper. We train to find comfort in our discomfort. We practice smaller efforts to prepare for the bigger ones. We purposefully seek hills, tracks, and long winding roads to strengthen and equip ourselves. Endurance is as much spiritual, mental and emotional as it is physical. Our bodies might say quit long before the spirit would consider it. Pressing into all of these “limitations” allows us to expand our comfort zones in inconceivable ways.

Why are more women taking up running: young and old, heavy or thin, former athlete or not? Women run for innately personal reasons, but there are some universal tendencies. In the book, Mile Markers: The 26.2 Most Important Reasons Why Women Run, the author Kristin Armstrong talked about her own personal journey. “Running is connected to my family, my parenting, my spiritual life, my fitness, my friendships, my health, my sanity, my peace. I can clear my head and solve problems when I run, or make peace with not knowing. I can find beauty, or at least redemption, no matter what.”

Perhaps this is why women run, because the sport touches them on so many levels. Here is the story of Anita Peter, our Runner Of The Week, who apart from running, had done and continues to do a zillion other things. This apart she has motivated several others around her world to the starting line of fitness, using running or walking as a cost-effective and time-efficient means.

Here are the run details:

13 June 2014 – DATE
5.45 AM – TIME

About Myself

I am a post graduate in Economics, worked as service quality analyst and service trainer by profession. My training career spans over a decade. Prior to my training career I was part of the customer service, Reservations and Traffic team at Jet Airways based out of Kochi and Bangalore

I believe in doing several things in this one life and not 1 thing this entire life. This has been the basic tenet of my life and led me to accomplish various things – MCing, Theatre (Orange Sky Productions in Bangalore and portrayed lead characters), Acting (acted in Malayalam and Tamil movies), Modelling, Classical Dancing, Water & Adventure Sports, Certified Zumba Instructor and Yes, Running too.

Few exhilarating moments and the ones that I take pride in are, having been chosen as one among the 4 moderators in the LIVE Web interaction with the Russian Prime Minister Mr. Vladimir Putin- in 2009. I was among the top 10 finalists at the Haier Gladrags Mrs. India 2011 held in Rajasthan and Mumbai and won the sub title ‘Haier Gladrags 2011 Most Beautiful Hair’

Other Interests:

I am a trained and graded classical dancer (Mohiniattam), and teach dance over weekends.

Running History

My running journey commenced over a year back. My first running experience was at KBR park. A good beginning being inducted into running by the selfless runners of HR who motivated me and made me believe I could run and since then there has been no looking back. I successfully completed the AHM 2014 Half Marathon and have done quite a few 10k runs.

Family & Work

Married to Peter Jacob , a PR professional, a 15 year old daughter and a 10 year old son.

Running Goals

To target more half marathon runs in and out of Hyderabad and ultimately aim for a full marathon AHM 2016

HR means to me

Hyderabad Runners means the world to me today. It took me onto a different path, a new discovery………oh! Yes….I can run………

Hyderabad Runners was an accident that happened to me in my life. I thank God for the same. It brought about in me the two most important realisations, situations never get better for one to start doing something but you start doing what you like and situations get better, never push myself beyond to prove to others but be consistent and finish in style.

My favourite running Line: There will be a day when you no longer can do this. But that day is Not today.

Join us for the run and get inspired to do more than what you ever imagined.

Thanks, Samuel Sudhakar
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